Photo: Eternity

Date of birth: 1986-08-14
Hips clear ( eyes not checked )

Broccio was imported from France to England when we had the opportunity to buy him from Mrs. J. Andrews in 1991. We own him jointly with kennel Eternity and kennel Fakaiser in Norway. This extaordinary male dog, was born at one of the biggest and most well known kennels in the world - du Bois du Tôt - which was founded by the famous judge Dr. Yves Surget. Broccio became the sire of many fortunate dogs in both Sweden and Norway, for example NUCH DKUCH R.A s.r Fakaiser´s Ajax d´Acteur. At the Norwegian specialty in 1992 Broccio and his offsprings won BEST IN SHOW breeding group under specialist judge M. Surget.


S.r Samour de la
Javottiere de Corberon

Maja du Bois du Tôt

CH. Vici des Hauts de Biévre 

Iseult du Bois du Tôt

Lorette du Parc de l´Hay

Itack du Parc de l´Hay 

Vanille du Parc de l´Hay 

R.e Teksa du Sart des Bois

CH. Olrick du Chemin des Dames
( G )

Int.CH. Louky des Severiers ( G )

Vega du Chemin des Dames ( G )

Mirbelle du Chemin des Dames

Vaour du Mas de Sevre ( G )

Judy du Chemin des Dames ( G )