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Born 2007-06-11

Hips A/A, elbows free 0/0 and eyes clear -08


Amazingflame by Roxie“ Aska “  passed the Swedish mental test ( KORNING ) with unbelievable 509 points at Lomma Bk on September 5, 2010. We are extremely proud of their superfine result – HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to both Heidi and Aska !!!

Amazingflame by Roxie passed her MH-test on september 20, 2008 and got no: 1 on shooting.

Rally Obedience

Heidi and Aska are having a super start in rally obedience where they already have gotten high points at their very first competitions. On May 19, 2012 They WON the rally obedience beginners class with 98 points at Osby Bk.

A few weeks later on June 6, 2012 they achieved 93 points and were approved in rally obedience beginners class at Hörby Bk with a 8:th place totally

On August 4, 2012 Heidi and her Aska got their rally obedience title RLDN in beginners class. This took place at Söderåsens Bk where they also reached 97 points and a 4:th place totally. Excellent work – Good luck in the following classes !

On September 29, 2012 Heidi and her KORAD LPI RLDN Continental´s Amazingflame by Roxie did a wonderful job again on their first competition in rally obedience Graduate Class at Sölvesborgs Bk. With 97 points they reached a 3:rd place totally and were approved. Many Congratulations, you are so very diligent !

On October 27, 2012 Heidi and her “ Aska “ got 97 points AGAIN in rally obedience Graduate class. This time at Söderåsens Bk were they also reached a 2:ond place totally. What a great result !!!

On December 9, 2012 Heidi and ” Aska ” achieved 97 points once again in rally obedience Graduate class. They also WON and received their new title RLDF at Hörby Bk !

Amazingflame by Roxie and her mistress Heidi Aregger were appointed BEST Belgian Shepherd ( ÅBB ) both in rally obedience beginners and graduate class 2012, by the Swedish Belgian Shepherd dog club AfBv. This is just so GREAT – Huge congratulations to Heidi & Rickard !


Heidi and her Amazingflame by Roxie " Aska " were moved up to obedience class II on their very first competition on april 12, 2009.
The next 1:st prize they recieved was on May 8, 2009 at Kristianstad Bk, with 165,5 points and a 4:th place totally.
On June 12, 2009 Heidi and " Aska " got their LP I with 172 points and a 2:ond place totally in obedience class I.
You are just SUPER - Lot´s of proud CONGRATULATIONS to your skillfull job !

On March 22, 2012 Heidi and her Aska competed obedience class II at Åhus Bk and reached 177 points and were ” moved up to the next level obedience class III. Excellent job girls – Many congratulations !

The next obedience class II competition took place at Söderåsens Bk on May 27 where Heidi and Aska WON again with 167,5 points ! Aren´t they just incredible. Huge Congratulations again !

On October 6, 2012 “Aska” and Heidi did a wonderful job in obedience class 2 at Höör Bk were they got 178 points and a 1:st place totally. They also received their new title LP 2. Many proud Congratulations to this excellent team !


On June 21, 2009 Heidi and her " Aska " got their first move up " pinne " in Agility class I with a 2:ond place at Simrishamns Bk.
Very well done girls !

The next move up " pinne " Heidi and " Aska " achieved
was in Jump class I at Karlshamns HU on april 24, 2010. They did a super race with a 6:th placement out of 65 participants totally.

On may 8, 2010 Heidi and "Aska" got a move up " pinne " both in Agility class I with a 9:th place and Jump class I with a 2:ond place out of 70 participants totally at Lund Bk.

The following day may 9, 2010 Heidi and " Aska " competed at Höör Bk and got move ups " pinnar " again both in Agility class I and Jump class I. This time with 7:th and 5:th placements totally !

On may 22, 2010 The two skillful girls Heidi and Aska made their first race in Jump class II at Hässleholms Hu. They WON the whole competition and got a move up " pinne " !!!

At Råådalen Bk on june 5, 2010 Heidi and Aska got two more move ups " pinnar " in both Agility class II and Jump class II with 4:th and 2:ond placements totally.  

At the homeclub agility championships in Hässleholm on June 13, 2010 Heidi and Aska got a second placement totally in the debutant class.

On July 3, 2010 Heidi and Aska got another “ move up “ in agility class II with a 1:st place ( out of 35 participants  ) at Karlskrona Bk.

On July 17, 2010 the two girls did the exterior part of the Swedish mental test Korning at Tollarps Bk. The judge was Thord Byström.

Another agility class II race ( unofficial this time ) took place at Kristianstads Bk on August 4, 2010. Our very diligent and skilful agility couple Heidi and Aska were of course there and got a nice 3:rd place totally.

On August 8, 2010 Heidi and Aska got a 3:rd place again. This time at Sydöstra Skånes Bk in agility class II.

At the homeclub agility championships in Hässleholm on August 22, Heidi and Aska also got a 3:rd place totally in the debutant class.

The last move up from jumpclass II took place at Eslöv Bk on September 19, 2010 were Heidi and Aska reached a 4:th place totally.

On april 25, 2011 Heidi and Aska got a second place
at the homeclub championships in agility .

The last ” move up ” from agility class II took part
at Åhus Bk on may 28, 2011 where
Heidi and Aska
got a 3.rd place totally !

On August 18, 2011 Heidi and Aska WON the whole Agility large summercup in Kristianstad. They competed against all large dogs in all three classes four times and reached a superior victory of 121 points ( second place had 108 points ! )

Heidi and Aska took part at the big agility competition ” Gåsahoppet ” on March 8, 2012 at Oxie Bk. Out of 96 take-offs Heidi and her skilful agility dog reached a 14:th placement in agility class III. They also got a “ SM-pinne “ for the Swedish championships in agility.

Aren´t they just AMAZING !!! We are so VERY proud of you !!!


Owned by Heidi Aregger


Continental´s Ace of Clubs
Nohr du Perigord Vert  s.r Lutin de la Clairière aux Louves
FrCH. Iana du Perigord Vert
KORAD Continental´s Cikoria S & NUCH IntCH SLCH
Tokajer Whalle Grimmbus
r.a Continental´s Ironmaiden
Habile Aroxie av Revehiet NUCH
Arry van de Hoge Laer
Qwinten van´t Sparrebos
Montana de la Clairière aux Louves 
Tikkabi´s Hindi
Joffrey du Parc du Montfleury  
Fakaiser´s Canelle du Chien