SUCH Tjh LP KORAD Zarna Crosses the Sea " Crossie " together with her son Continental's Freak ( 8 months old in picture ).

Crossie was everything we possibly could have dreamed of. She was such a nice dog and so easy to live with. Crossie never caused us any problems at all and she was always friendly to all the people and all the animals she came in contact with. I never thought such a dog existed, but she did !

Her son Freak was a little hooligan though he was a kind one...
He was also very easy going, like his mother, but I remember one occasion he went " nuts ". Freak played some strange game with Foxtail´s Mon Cherie, where the point obviously was to pull apart her tail. He hurled her so much that finally her tail broke and just hanged there like a slack all looked very funny !

You will find more written about theese two dogs under Imports and F-litter.