Date of birth: 1989-06-24
Hips & eyes clear

This beautiful stud we imported jointly with kennel Eternity from Scotland in 1990, thanks to Mrs. Carol Winfro. Paco has always been a very special dog to us. Already as a youngster Paco had a flying start to his career as he was placed BEST IN SHOW at the Norwegian specialty in Skien 1990 under breed specialists Mme. Heraly and M. Desschans.
In 1991 Paco did it again. At the Swedish specialty ( AfBv ) in Kallhäll, Paco won BEST IN SHOW -youngster under breed specialist Mme.E. Kaspar. Together with some of his offsprings Paco was placed BEST IN SHOW breeding group at the Swedish specialty ( AfBv ) in Södertälje 1991 under specialist judge M. Deschuymere.
Not only at shows has Paco distinguished himself, he also proved to be a very capable obedience dog. You can find some of his children represented under K-litter on this site.


FRUCH. S.r Cashmir  de la Clairière aux Louves

S.r Ulysse du Parc de Pathyvel 

Pyrame du Sart des Bois 

Shirley du Parc de Pathyvel

Altesse de la Clairière aux Louves

S.r Swan du Pays d´Astrée 

Thalie du Puits D´ombelle

GBCH. Delark Babycham

Fanfare of the Two at Niavana

CH. Zultan of the Two 

S.r Bageera of the Two

Gruline Bess of Delark 

CH. Bandol de la Pouroffe 

Andromeda of Gruline