Date of birth: 2008-04-08

Hips A/A, elbows free and eyes clear 2011

”Jippeyy” passed her MH-test on July 23, 2011 at Revingehed and got no: 2 on shooting.

Queen of Continental z Kovàrny " Jippeyy " was appointed BEST OF BREED-puppy under judge Pia Prahl on her very first show at Ċstorp Bk November 15, 2008.
Thank you Susanne for presenting
Jippeyy so nicely.

Thank you so much once again Hana and Frantisek at kennel z Kovárny for letting us have this lovely little girl.
She is really great !

On August 7  2010 Jippeyy was shown under her breeder Mrs. Hana Pisarciková at the AfBv Club Show in Kista ( SBU ). Jippeyy got a 1:st prize and was placed 4:th totally in the open class.

Susanne and her Jippeyy have also started a new career in rally obedience and they are doing great !
On October 26, 2013 was their first competition at Söderċsens Bk. They achieved 88 points in beginners class and were approved with a 8:th place totally.

On November 24, 2013 Susanne and Jippeyy were approved again in beginners class. This time they got 89 points and a 5:th place totally at Landskrona Bk.

Finally on December 15, 2013 Susanne and her Queen of Continental made 98 points in beginners class with a 3:rd place totally at Hörby Bk. They were also moved up to graduate class and got their first title RLDN !

RLDN Queen of Continental z Kovárny and her mistress Susanne, were appointed fourth best Belgian Shepherd 2013 (ĊBB) in rally obedience beginners class, by the Swedish Belgian Shepherd dog club AfBv. Very nice work girls.

Susanne and Jippeyy made a flying start in rally obedience graduate class this year. On April 13, 2014 they were approved with 97 points and a 3:rd place totally at Lund Bk. On April 27 at the competition at Trelleborg Bk, Susanne and her Jippeyy were approved again, this time with 88 points and a 6:th place totally. At Oxie Bk on May 10, 2014 Queen of Continental received the title RLDF with 92 points and FIRST place totally !!! Finally our very skillful rally girls Susanne and Jippeyy got 94 points and a 3:rd placement at Ystad Bk on May 11 in their first course and in their second course they received 93 points with a 3:rd placement totally. Hats off to Susanne and her great Czech rally star !

Many warm congratulations Susanne to these marvellous results with our czech girl !

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UKC Champion UAG II
Unir van Spranger Hof

Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Eyes clear
Don Lee Quintas del Castel Sardo

Hips A/A

Hips B
Gralengrove Elise

Hips B
Jina du Clos de Jochnake

R.E UKC Champion
Hades du Bois du Tôt

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0
& eyes clear
s.r Haikal du Clos de Jochnake

Hips A/A

s. Champion PL+SK+Club
Innah Adina z Kovárny

 Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Eyes clear

Malory de Condivicnum at
Corsini with Lancetti

 Hips A/A
Eyes clear

R.E Multi Champion
USA + Monaco + Belg.
Gourou du Crépuscule des Loups

 Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Eyes clear

R.E FR. Champion
I´Kiss you de Condivicnum

 Hips A/A

s. Multi Champion CZ+SK+PL+Club, B.TR
Adina Mlynskŭ Ostrov

 Hips A/A
Eyes clear

Champion CZ
Clark Mateo

Champion CZ + PL+ Club
Atrey z Kovárny

 Hips A/A