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The two siblings Multi.CH Continental´s Ace of clubs " Ian " playing with his littersister Continental´s Silver Dollar both at the age of 11,5 years.  






Born 1998-08-22

Hips A/A, elbows free 0/0 ( eyes not checked )

Silver Dollar has all the qualitys we expect from a good broodbitch. Not many of our bitches have nursed their puppies for so long in such a wonderful way as Silver Dollar has done. She is through and through fair and at the same time very playfull with her kids. She is the producer of our Motorcycle-litters part I & II.

Besides her excellent mother instincts and positive qualitys, she is a super watch dog...Don´t try to enter our house when we are not at home !!!



Nohr du Perigord Vert

s.r Lutin de la Clairiére aux Louves

R.E Femto du Bois du Tot

R.E Eden de la Clairiére aux Louves

FrCH. Iana du Perigord vert

R.E Carey du Bois du Tot

Dorah du Perigord Vert 

Korad Continental´s Cikoria

Tokajer Whalle Grimmbus

IntCH BelgCH FrCH LuxCH HollCH Grimm van de Hoge Laer  

SV-89 KORAD NUCH Occra Bruxabusa

r.a Continental´s Ironmaiden 

Oud-Sabbinge Heino von Tolrick

Foxtail´s Mon Cherie